1. Update: Both Sublime Text 2 and 3 supported!

    Theming Sublime-Text

    Did you know that it is possible to theme the entire Sublime Text UI? I was surprised to find out that not many people do. Once I started work on my first Sublime Text UI theme it became obvious, pretty quickly, why. Theming the Sublime Text UI is hard.

    I don’t mean there are huge technological obstacles you have to overcome. I mean, the JSON file is not very human friendly. The way the different ui component “states” are defined can be difficult, at times, to keep track of in your mind. Oh, and good luck finding any documentation on the .sublime-theme UI scopes. A lot of the times I had to make guesses at how to target specific things. Documentation doesn’t exist that explains how to target the various elements and their specifics.

    That said, I toughed it out, and have officially finished version 1.0 of my first Sublime Text theme.

    Note: Even though theming the Sublime Text UI isn’t the most friendly experience, I’ve done a ton of work on making it much, much easier. If you’re interested, I’ll be releasing that work in the next coming weeks with an update on this site.

    Here it is

    My flat, retina friendly, sublime-theme. It comes in two flavors, Dark and Light. I’ll be adding more color variations over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. If you are looking for a particular color, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll make something custom for you (pending my availability).

    Installation is a snap. Once you have Package Control installed, you just need to follow the instructions below.

    I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.




    Using Sublime Package Control

    If you are using sublime package control, you can install directly from the Package Control: Install Package menu item.

    1. Hit Shift+Command+P (or Shift+Ctrl+P on windows) to pull up the command palette.
    2. Type install, select Package Control: Install Package, hit Enter
    3. The theme is listed as Theme - itg.flat in the packages list. Select it, and hit Enter

    Enabling the theme

    To enable the theme and adjust theme settings edit your Preferences.sublime-settings file:

    Enabling the custom Syntax Highlighting

    Select itg.Monokai from Preferences > Color Scheme > Theme - itg.flat:

    or add this to your Preferences.sublime-settings file:

    Additional Settings:

    View the code on github